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insect australian termites ozanimals - the magnetic termite soldiers have incurved mandibles with a single tooth they get there name because they build their large wedge shaped mounds with the long side aligned north south these large mounds are familiar to tourists, termite types and pest species in australia rentokil - australian termite species there are around 360 species of termites in australia but only a small number cause economic damage to crops timber and other cellulose based products the majority of termites are of great benefit to ecosystems through recycling dead and rotten timber and other plant matter and as a source of food to many animals, australian termites guide types and prevention tips - termites and termite swarms have always been a part of the australian environment for literally millions of years these creatures are also called white ants and are extremely persistent and resilient in nature every third property in australia suffers from termite infestation, termite com au termites in australia 2018 consumer guide - severe termite damage to australian homes has increased since the removal in 1995 of long lasting soil barrier chemicals the more common use of softwood building and other landscaping timbers that termites find irresistible other important factors include building designs automatic watering systems landscaping and maintenance that encourage termite activity and allow hidden termite entry and infestation into a building, termite pictures white ant pictures of australia termikill - pictures of termites in australia pictures of white ants same thing which termites are dangerous which are just a nuisance treatment options, australian termites followed similar evolutionary path to - a new paper shows that the ancient ancestors of termites found in northern australia crossed vast distances over oceans and then followed an evolutionary path similar to humans migrating from tree tops to the ground, australian termites book 2008 worldcat org - get this from a library australian termites phillip w hadlington ion staunton university of new south wales